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Computer Remote Control for Tech Support on The Web

Computer desktop, server, and peripheral support and assistance.

A Useful Way to Provide Tech Support

By Tech Support at 2010-01-11 19:18:06
There are many vendors of remote support services and solutions all across the web. Remote support varies in flavors and colors but all provide one technological feature that support professionals find more useful every day. The dispersed work force has brought a useful tool that way in the past was an awkward and challenging tool to setup and use.
Although remote control of computer desktops and servers on the LAN has been a product that was very reliable and made much common sense to own and use in an enterprise or in even the smallest of companies. Trying to use the same remote support software tools across the web was a challenge. In the last 5 to 7 years, the number of services that offer remote control and support software has increased. The use of these tools and utilities has evolved to go outside the corporate infrastructure to encompass disparate systems and networks. No longer is it the network, server, and desktop admins of a help desk providing remote control support services for the companies they work for but more so these tools are used by support companies whose only affiliation wit the remote clients is to provide remote IT support.
Many LAN tools for remote access and remote control were re-shaped and given new life to work across the Internet that has many challenges. The Internet itself is not the challenge but once entering the customer premise, that's when the challenge really occurs. The unknowns of bandwidth, reliability of connections and the status of the desktop or server they are connecting to are just a few of the surprises that remote support professionals and companies that employ and provide such services need to overcome with each remote connection.
with such a multitude of remote support providers, there are many options to choose from. For the budget conscience and for those who have have deep Information Technology pockets.

remote support software

Another very useful tool I see more and more on websites of various types, is online live chat. Live chat support is something I personally use. I find it better than calling in to ask a quick question and is almost always quicker. Most online chat support services such as liveperson.com, have all the tools to enable the service product vendor to help their customers quickly and easily. An agent could and most often is helping more than one person at a time. Handling multiple calls at the same time is difficult but with online chat the response delay is expected most of the time unlike phone conversations that are a continuous back and forth. The agent could put callers on hold to help another but that would be awkward and people would get frustrated with that level of support.

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By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-26 13:39:18
Online remote support software has enabled our company to support more clients. With online remote support software we can access remote desktops of our client through the web. We can get access and have remote control of them very quickly. the users just need to enter a support code and click a button to start the remote desktop session. For server support, online remote support software also provides us with remote access. Server support differs at times and there are instances where our online remote support software will enable us to get access to a desktop that is on the same network as the server. Since we may not have direct access to the server, we remotely access a computer desktop PC computer that is in the same location or through routing from a remote site can connect to the server. Once on the remote computer with online remote support software, we use HP iLO or Dell DRAC to make a console connection to the server. These technologies permit console access and are not always directly connected to the Internet or online for web access. The nature of the problem makes a difference. If the server is not booting for example we would connect to a local computer first then use HP iLO or Dell DRAC for connections to the server. If the server's operating system boots and the server connects to the web abs is online. We use our online remote support software to connect to the server to make the repairs required to an application or the server itself such as drivers or other configuration changes and /or updates.

By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-26 11:42:35

4RemoteSupport online PC remote control is 4RemoteSupport remote support software that gives us fast remote control access to remote desktops. Access to remote desktops with remote support software has provided us with online desktop remote control through the web with features like file transfer and real-time live chat over the Internet. This online desktop remote control software is remote support software in which we give the remote user the support code to get remote support sessions started over the web. it works well because the user could keep a shortcut on their desktop and need only to enter a predetermined support code we have provided to them to star a remote desktop remote control session wit hour technical support staff. Remote desktop screen-sharing does not require the user to click on a button or okay a request for support. With 4RemoteSupport remote support software we have web based remote desktop control online immediately. Full access to the desktop screen, keyboard and mouse as soon s the connection is established. The user is able to see what we support tasks are being performed and interact with the session as with many other remote support solutions. Other remote desktop solutions such as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, now called Microsoft Remote Desktop connection, does not provide screen sharing. The user cannot see what the technical support person providing remote assistance is doing on their computer and cannot interact with it. 4RemoteSupport is full remote PC control online through the web as soon as the remote desktop session and connection is established through the web. We can lock the remote keyboard is needed but the user can interact with the same session as tech-support.

By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-26 10:33:57
Remote support software has changed in the past 7 to 8 years. With security concerns escalation, remote support software had to adjust to meet these demands. However, also has changed the remote client's computer experience. Users currently have probably seen more types of remote support software and with so many managed services companies appearing in recent decades for providing support to users. Web based remote support software is now expected by remote users. even internal users no longer expect technical support to come to them physically. They anticipate the use of some type of remote desktop control application or service. Local network based software application for remote desktop control and remote PC access can have more features. In addition to features, they do have more access in most cases because security is integrated and uses internal mechanisms for authentication such as Microsoft Active Directory authentication.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-26 10:28:13
Another common difference with remote desktop control software for online support is the use of codes. Remote support software uses in many case support code. These code are for the user or the technical support code to connect to an active remote desktop session The codes can be generated by the remote end-user or by the technical support staff side prior to connecting to the remote desktop through the web. We prefer remote support software in which we provide the remote support code to the remote client. This enables us to ensure accuracy to some extent of the task the remote client is performing. We have immediate desktop screen-sharing remote control access for support online. We connect through the web with remote desktop control. This has help our company grow and take on more customers.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-26 10:23:19
We use remote support software that gives our technical support staff instant remote control access to computer desktops and all PC systems through the web. We prefer instant remote control of the remote system because it eliminates the need to the remote client to have to take further action to enable remote access of their desktop through the web.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-26 10:21:16
Remote support software is used be all companies that provided computer desktop, application and server support .Companies such as managed services companies are always looking to maintain a high level of return for each customer and client they bring into their manages services contracts. These companies cannot be profitable without using remote support software. Remote support software has enabled these companies to exist. Without remote support software the company that provides support would require a larger number of on-site staff. On site support is still required in many cases but with remote support software managed services companies can provide faster support to their client. The reason for this as we know is that remote support software gives technical support the ability to remotely access desktop computers, laptops tablets and servers over the network. The network can be local or over the Internet. Internet based tech support is the primary method for providing fast remote assistance. Nearly all computers are online, some even with multiple connections to the web. The web provides a fast transport of data and the remote client desktop screen and keyboard movement. Remote access for remote support not only gives technical support a method to see the remote clients computers screen but also to control it. They will have remote access and remote desktop control wit remote support software. Remote support software enables file transfer to and from the remote client. Although all services and companies that provide remote support software solutions do not have the same features such as file transfer. The option to remote control a desktop varies too. Some remote support software solutions provide the initial remote access but the remote desktop user has to approve or allow the technical support agent remote control access. Although there is not official name for instant remote control or remote client approved, this is one of the common methods used by remote support software solutions.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2010-09-28 06:10:55
Thank You.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2010-09-28 06:09:08
Thank You.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2010-09-27 22:56:53
Thank You.


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